Salesforce and Connect – More Info

Deliver Training to Customers

Setup a simple storefront to deliver live and on-demand train­ing to customers that can be monetized and tracked easily within Connect Your Salesteam makes delivering customer training easy by:

  • my_coursesIntegrating all training results into
  • Allowing customers to modify their account creation forms for better customer qualification
  • Creating custom categories for organizing online training catalogues
  • Offering ecommerce solutions for easy payment receipt
  • Delivering both live and on-demand training options for customers
  • Utilizing coupon codes to generate promotions and gift cards
  • Integrating with Salesforce campaigns for better ROI tracking

Train Your Direct Sales Teams

Deliver training right inside your CRM to make it simple, acces­sible and to help drive CRM adoption. With Connect Your Salesteam installed in, users can:

  • salesforce_eventsView dashboards of all enrolled courses
  • Navigate a training catalog to self-enroll into new courses
  • Access training materials through a secure single-sign-on connection
  • Track all grades and course progress in
  • Use Chatter to create social learning environments

Monitor Training Hours For Customers

Easily launch online training sessions and automatically log customer training hours in Using Connect Your Salesteam, professional services employees will be able to:

  • one-click-access2Launch online training and support sessions with a single click
  • Provide single-sign-on access for online meetings to customers
  • Automatically have meeting duration documented in com contact records
  • Track aggregated training time at the account level
  • Create usage dashboards and reports for customers