Instructional Design Services

Instructional Design Services

You are a great learning facilitator with amazing interpersonal skills, your content is excellent and you know your audience well. But now you want to go online and deliver more learning sessions online.

How do you make sure you can continue to deliver that magic formula in a virtual classroom?

At Collaborate we specialise in working with individuals and organisations to deliver high impact online sessions without re-inventing the content, style or approach you would normally use. This means we offer a very cost effective service that enables you to continue what you do best but in a virtual classroom.

Collaborate offer the following Instructional design services:Create Inspiration design develop achieve sign post

  • Help you “storyboard” all of the essential elements of a successful training course, including the stuff you do “sub-consciously” in a physical training room.
  • Advise and create interactions within Adobe Connect that allow you to get the most from your virtual audience
  • Provide insights and recommend many of the learning apps that can be deployed as add ons within Adobe Connect, which can further improve the learning outcome
  • Create activities that allow you to ensure participation and test for comprehension
  • Using your materials, we can build your content in Adobe Content so it’s a familiar environment for you and your facilitators
  • Train you and your facilitators how to deliver the training effectively using Adobe Connect
  • Create re-usable templates of the course so you can re-use and edit the classroom many times
  • Provide co-moderation support for your first or all of your sessions

We understand that all you want to do is teach & train without the stress of technology, which is also our aim.