Health Care

Health Care

Healthcare organizations are meeting their training and communications challenges with more video and rich media communications as demand for up-to-date information on policies, practices and procedures is ever increasing. Reaching out to wider audiences with the latest information cost effectively has never been more important as budgets and resources are constantly under pressure.

Collaborate provide virtual solutions which meet the needs of this demanding market sector, where accuracy, consistency and the provision of timely information is crucial. Collaborate provide rich media content creation tools, delivery and management tools live and on-demand; and the ability to track and certify the consumption of information to busy healthcare professionals wherever they may be located.

Collaborate assist Healthcare organization in the following ways:


Training and Learning

  • Collaboration across healthcare professionals
  • CXO broadcasts
  • Virtual meetings
  • Online conferences
  • Case studies and review
  • Team meetings
  • Continuing medical education
  • Regulatory compliance programs
  • Workforce development
  • Distance learning
  • High definition video conferencing
  • Sharing of best practices

The solutions Collaborate represent have been used by many healthcare establishments to dramatically improve the impact of communications and learning, whilst substantially reducing the cost.

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