Connect 11 and Accessibility

Connect 11.0 and Accessibility

Extend your reach to participants of all abilities, only with Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect create virtual experiences that are fully accessible to everyone, even those with mobility, vision, and hearing challenges. Leverage Adobe Connect’s newest features, such as support for embedded subtitles and multiple audio tracks, including foreign language and descriptive audio, for participants with hearing impairment.

Make your content more accessible by uploading it to Adobe Connect instead of screen- sharing. Adobe Connect 11 includes several new features to make your content more accessible.

  • Upload subtitle tracks (in .vtt format)  to better support  those that may  not be able to hear the audio or speak a different language than the language spoken in the video.
  • Include multiple audio tracks to incorporate additional languages or aid those that can’t see the video with descriptive video tracks.
  • Adobe Connect 11 exposes your PDF content to screen readers such as JAWS or VoiceOver so that documents can be read aloud to those that may not be able to see them.