Moodle and Adobe Connect – More Info

Adobe Connect Plugin For Moodle3-1

Combining Adobe Connect with the Moodle Open Source platform creates a very powerful virtual classroom for tutors and learners. This plugin enables tutors and learners to seamlessly create, schedule and view recorded virtual classrooms without leaving the Moodle interface. If you want to add live virtual classrooms effortlessly to your already powerful Moodle based LMS, this simple yet effective plugin will achieve this and deliver even better learning outcomes.

Adding an Adobe Connect activity could not be simpler:

Tutors simply add an Adobe Connect activity to their course and then complete a simple set of scheduling and permissions instructions.

Tutors can customise & schedule sessions, then invite learners.

  • The meeting name, url (optional),
  • Start time & end time
  • Activity displayed in student calendar
  • Choice of Adobe meeting template
  • Public or private meeting setting.
  • Allocate Moodle groups to invite list
  • Assign host, presenter and participant roles
  • Activity completion tracking

Seamless single sign on for learners.

So as long as the user is logged into Moodle they will never have to enter in their user credentials to get access to an Adobe Connect meeting. All recordings are stored in the course topic so they are easily accessed by the student for future reference.

Secure solution over SSL

The integration between the plugin and Adobe Connect is designed to work over SSL and uses 256-bit end-to-end encryption, ensuring that users can access your Adobe Connect meetings in a completely secure way.