Whether its central or local government, armed forces, police departments or other government organizations there is increased pressure to communicate, inform and educate more people for less cost. Most government bodies tend to be large and dispersed national organizations or local services who all need to collaborate and communicate effectively over large distances.

Collaborate offer a range of virtual solutions which meet the learning and communication challenges facing these organizations.


Training and Learning

  • Departmental communications
  • Inter – agency collaboration
  • Executive briefings
  • Virtual meetings
  • Online conferences
  • Gathering consensus and decision making
  • Regulatory compliance programs
  • Workforce development
  • Distance learning
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Archiving multi-media

The solutions Collaborate represent have been used by many public sector organisations to dramatically improve the impact of communications and learning, whilst substantially reducing the cost. To see case studies of Adobe Connect customers click on the “case studies” button below.