Collaborate provide virtual solutions for the corporate markets that specifically address the needs of executives, learning and development officers and IT and media services personnel for audiences inside or outside the corporate firewall. Many companies use our solutions for communicating important information and CXO broadcasts to increase employee engagement or for learning and development needs such as product briefings, regulatory information or training new skills.

Collaborate can provide solutions for all aspects of your learning and communications needs;

Corporate Communications

Training and Development

  • Executive broadcasts- Employee engagement- Interactive briefing
  • Product launches
  • Team meetings
  • Online conferences and webinars
  • Gathering consensus and decision making
  • Self paced learning- Distance learning and development- Compliance testing
  • HR policies
  • Virtual help desks
  • New hire inductions

Collaborate represent solutions that have been used by many corporate organisations to dramatically improve the impact of communications and learning, whilst substantially reducing the cost. To see case studies of Adobe Connect customers click on the “case studies” button below.