Collaborate have a very strong history in supplying leading virtual technologies to Schools, Colleges and Universities. Today’s students have been influenced by significant technology advances and require greater access to live and on-demand resources either inside their existing learning management systems or through other web based portals. The use of rich media, video and virtual classrooms in teaching and learning has grown exponentially and these bring unique challenges for teaching and IT staff across some of the largest organizations.

Collaborate offer a focused set of solutions which support all learning styles, in particular our solutions encourage debate, discussion, collaborative working and come complete with testing and grading capabilities which can work with existing learning management systems and learning portals.

Collaborate assist educational organisations in the following ways:


Student learning

Staff Development

  • Archive lectures and classes
  • Live and on-demand virtual classrooms
  • Subscription based courses
  • Course & subject preparation
  • Guest or specialist presenters
  • Track and grade student progress
  • Student inductions
  • Self paced & blended learning
  • Distance learning and development
  • Post grad & continuous professional development
  • Access to relevant learning content
  • Sharing student generated content
  • Curriculum updates
  • Collaborative research projects
  • Staff training
  • Faculty certification
  • Dean / VC / “Head of” broadcasts
  • Examiner briefings

Collaborate represent solutions that have been used by many education establishments to dramatically improve the impact of communications and learning, whilst substantially reducing the cost. To see case studies of Adobe Connect customers click on the “case studies” button below.