Meeting One – Audio Conferencing


Premium, On Demand & Cost-effective Audio Conferencing

AudioOne is an industry-leading audio solution providing both traditional audio conferencing and integration with Adobe Connect in one reliable, cost-effective package. Simple, secure and fully customizable, this is the next-generation solution for advanced audio conferencing.

Most advanced integration with Adobe Connect

AudioOne offers a list of exclusive audio features that integrates with Adobe Connect to give a one of a kind integrated conferencing experience.

Key Features of Integration:

  • Audio & web synced-up recordingsAudio Conferencing
  • Full audio controls for muting callers
  • Speaking indicator to see who is talking
  • Up to 20 breakout rooms with audio
  • Participants able to dial-out directly to themselves from Adobe Connect
  • On-demand access to audio and web recordings
  • Manage audio account with the Online Account Management portal
  • Save on international dial-out costs by using local access numbers
  • Prompt attendees to listen via VoIP or dial out to the direct audio line
  • Brand audio prompts, roll call and hold music (optional add-on)

Simple to use, advanced in features

AudioOne doesn’t just integrate with Connect, you can also use as your primary audio conferencing service! Whether you need traditional telephony, or an additional option to VoIP, MeetingOne’s AudioOne is the product for you.

Exclusive Features & Benefits of AudioOne:

  • Reservation-less: meet instantly whenever you wantiStock_000014927284small
  • Global audio offering: international numbers for 50 countries
  • By default, up to 150 participants per room
  • Custom and Secure Access Levels
  • On-demand access to recordings
  • Dedicated Customer Support available
  • Industry leading call quality, reliability and customizable features
  • Unlimited recording time and the highest maximum participant capacity
  • Control your audio call visually with the Click&Meet audio management platform
  • Includes standard audio features such as dial out, roll call, billing codes, and more!
  • Self-provision & manage accounts online in OAM (Online Account Management)
  • Competitive rates and convenient online bill-pay access
  • Exceptional, dedicated and responsive 24/7 customer support
  • Diverse audio packages with persistently advancing audio technology