Getting Started

Useful Resources for Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Getting Started

Please note that these free services are provided on a first come first served basis, with no service agreements and Adobe reserve the right to amend, change or remove these services. These are the most commonly used resources by meeting hosts and users who need additional training and/ or support.

Getting Started for Administrators

This guide will take you through the step by step approach in setting up your adobe connect license for the first time. It will show where to add users, give meeting host permissions and brand your license.

Quick Start Guides

There are quite a few quick start guides that are available for users.

Quick start Guides for Desktop users

Audio Conferencing guide:

Contact Adobe Expert support

Telephone: 00800 800 23623

Live Chat:

Support Portal

Additional Training Resources

Recorded Training
Adobe have recorded as series of instructor led training sessions. These include the following types of training.
  • Getting Started with Adobe Connect
  • Adobe Connect – beyond the Basics
  • 15 tips and tricks in 30 minutes
  • Events made easy
  • Reporting and Analytics

A full schedule of these sessions can be found by clicking here

On-demand course
Using the learning tools within Adobe Connect (these tools are not included within this proposal) there are courses on how to get the most out of Adobe Connect. Key on-demand courses include the following:
  • Attending a meeting
  • Creating a Meeting in Adobe Connect
  • Using host and presenter controls
  • Sharing PowerPoint presentations
  • Sharing screens and applications
  • Creating a poll / Sharing digital video

The full details on this on-demand course can be found here

Product Overviews

These resources provide videos of the different usages of Adobe Connect, such as meeting tools, Adobe Connect training, events and mobile tools. Full details can be found here

How to do Guides

Adobe Connect “how to do” questions:

The How to do guide covers the following key topics:

  • Administration
  • Meetings
  • Audio
  • Recordings
  • Break out rooms
  • Webservices and LMS Integration
  • Events

Example joining Instructions for E-mails and Calendar invitations

URL for Joining:

Enter as a Guest: Please enter your name

To join click on the URL provided or copy and paste into browser. We would also ask that you join the session at least 10 minutes before the event is due to start so you can test your audio settings and ensure all is ready for the session to start promptly.

Step 1: Edge or Chrome browsers

Download the application: DO NOT LOOK FOR APP IN MICROSOFT STORE

Step 2: test your network and computer settings

Using the same computer and network / internet connection you will be using on the day of your presentation please can you click on the following link. We do recommend that you connect using a hardwire connection if at all possible as wifi connections can be unreliable

This will test if you have the right network settings, software installed and other essential components. This test should identify that you pass test 1-4.

Step 3: Connect your audio before joining the room

You will need a working Headset / Microphone attached to your PC before attempting to join. Make sure all of these devices are connected to your PC before joining the session.

Step 4: Configure your Audio Once you have joined


Please ensure you have connected your external microphone (Logitech, Plantronics,…) going to the micro icon and with the dropdown menu choose “select microphone” and then adjust the volume


Then, ensure that you right speakers are connected. Go to the speakers icon, to dropdown menu and to “select speaker”. Please select the external speakers that you use and not the computer ones). The adjust speakers volume if needed.

Support and Assistance

Live assistance can be found here: look for the chat bubble bottom right hand corner

or by telephoning: 00800 800 23623.

Important notes:

  • Close down other applications running on the master PC
    • E-MAIL

Useful resources for higher level support

Adobe Connect Status: To find out the status your Adobe Connect Service ( ie issues / outages) goto the url below Your license is hosted on EMEA 1&2 so you can ignore messages about other hosted clusters. (

Adobe Connect Technical: this document provides background information on how Adobe Connect works from a solutions architecture

Adobe Connect web services: This resource explains and gives examples of integrations with Adobe Connect.

Adobe Connect Security Overview