Adobe Connect Mobile 2.4.10 – Apple iOS 9 Ready!

I know that many of you are eager to update your iPhones and iPads to the new iOS 9 operating system – there are some significant and appealing enhancements. However there has also been a security change that has affected how you launch applications from a URL that might be on a web page, or embedded in an email – and this affects the Adobe Connect Mobile application. We needed to make some changes to support the new security model, and I’m excited to tell you that they’re here in the new Adobe Connect Mobile version 2.4.10! To support launching the Adobe Connect Mobile application from a URL, you will need to upgrade your Adobe Connect Mobile application, and ensure that you are working with an updated Adobe Connect Server (version 9.4.2 or higher). Don’t worry – most of you are using our hosted environment and will be automatically upgraded to support this.

New Branding!

Adobe Connect Icon

One of the first things you will notice when you open the new version is our new icon and branding. Our new branding aligns the Adobe Connect icons and logotype with the rest of the Adobe products in our division – we’re part of a large family of amazing products from Adobe – now it shows more than ever!


Updated Custom Pod Support

Custom pods are like mini-applications that run inside your meeting. It’s a bit like having a smart phone and installing apps to add new functionality to your phone. With Adobe Connect, you install Custom Pods, which can be found on our Apps page, into your meeting room to add new functionality to your room. Now specifically designed Custom Pods, developed with HTML5, can be run within a meeting running on the Adobe Connect Mobile application. This allows phone and tablet participants to view and interact as they would from a desktop. One of the most exciting new Custom Pods available is the fantastic YouTube Pod from eSyncTraining. This pod allows you to search for YouTube videos, play and pause them for everyone in the room, create playlists, and much more. Every participant gets full quality YouTube videos – right in the meeting room! Try it in your next meeting!


eSync - youtube


Improved pod navigation!

New pod navigation is much simpler. In earlier versions of Adobe Connect Mobile, a dropdown menu sometimes appeared in the upper-right corner of a Share pod, covering up part of the slides or screen sharing.

We’ve removed the dropdown menu and now let users simply navigate to different pods from the Overview screen. This is a much more consistent approach, and prevents any accidental discovery of intentionally hidden Share pods.

Overview Icon Highlighted.480x

Just click on the Overview icon to see all the available pods, and the click directly on the one you’d like to either view full screen, or interact with.

Listen Only

And lastly, a new ‘Listen Only’ button has been added to the Join teleconference dialog when using integrated audio conferencing. Now users can easily dismiss the telephone keypad without dialing in, or they can simply enter their own phone number and click the button to ‘Call My Phone’.

Join Teleconference Dialog

Download the new Adobe Connect Mobile 2.4.10 from the Apple iTunes store or Google Play store today, and start exploring the wonderful Custom Pods that are now possible